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You worked hard for your degree. It’s time it works hard for you.

We tell your story by comparing degrees fairly. Even if you’re from a smaller institution or have a lower mark, we know your potential - and our CASE certificate will help you show it to recruiters.

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Assessing Academic Achievement with CASE


Identifying Talent Is Key for Your Future

The success of an organisation depends on the skill and dynamism of its people. But how do you identify the most talented among the many young candidates who are joining the market every year?

Conventional Screening Is Laborious and Expensive

A fair assessment of applicants that pays off in the long run demands a detailed and carefully designed application process. That process is expensive and time-intensive.

Grades are Hard to Interpret

Universities continuously assess and grade their students, however these marks are rarely used as a decisive factor in hiring - the grading standards and competitiveness of different institutions are simply too incomparable and opaque.

CASE Reveals Information Hidden in Grades

We have collected more than 300,000 grade distributions and tested 310,000 students. Using this vast amount of data we provide the context to fairly compare degrees and utilise the information collected through years of study.

CASE is Fully-Automated

You can assess applicants without creating any additional work for your applicants or recruiters. Fully-automated and easily-integrated, for example as an app in SAP Successfactors.

CASE can Predict Performance

We have been able to establish through numerous studies that our CASE Score is able to predict job performance. Even years after hiring there is a clear connection between score and performance.


Our Partners

CASE collarborates extensively with academic partners